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Pre-Sales & Policies

How to generate/download a full backup
Email settings for Shared(Virtual) Hosting in UK
FTP connection to UK server
How much traffic can I have?
Will my existing email accounts be transferred over as well?
How to switch hosts without having any down time?
Avoid down time, seamlessly transfer hosting with no interruptions
Are your servers Unix / Linux, or Windows NT?
How do I renew my hosting?
PHP 5.3
Will you place ads on my site?
What is Server Load?
How many accounts per server?
Will my website work in China?
Does AdelinaHost support FastCGI ?
US Treasury Embargo Restrictions
Is there any contract for hosting?
Does AdelinaHost work with Macs?
I do not see an option to sign up as an existing customer: Add this order to my account
Is WYSIWYG available?
Socket connections
Do you offer support in other languages?
What makes a username or password invalid?
Is it possible to install ionCube PHP Accelerator on shared server?
How often do you update programs?
Prepare to leave your old host
Can I use flash on my site?
Compatible Content Management Systems and Blogging Software
What is virtual hosting?
AdelinaHost Stance on SOPA
What is Web hosting service?
What is Website?
What is Drupal
What is Joomla
What is WordPress
What is Fantastico De Luxe
Electronic commerce
What is OpenVZ
What is CentOS
What is Debian
What is Ubuntu
Secure Shell
Domain name
Dedicated hosting service
Additional URL to VPS/Dedicated Servers
How to change windows 2003 administrator password from RDP

Billing System
How do I cancel my account?
How do I know all my hosting bills are paid?
How to Login to your AdelinaHost Billing Account
I lost or forgot my login password to AdelinaHost billing. How do I get it?
How do I get the 30-day money back refund?
How do I downgrade my hosting account?

Rules & Terms of Service
Backup policy, Do you provide backups?
Legal and Acceptable Content
Mail Policy
Processes Limit
Inode Usage
CPU Resource Usage
MySQL connection limits, processor limits
Max user connections vs Too many connections
Can I host friends?
Am I allowed to have MP3s ?
Opt in mailing lists and Safelists
Why do you not allow IRC? mirrors
Do you allow proxy websites?
Share videos, music, and pics

Security & Abuse
How can I prevent hacking?
How to Handle the Google Attack Page
What security measures are used to protect my server?
My account was hacked!
Where can I report abuse and or spamming?
How can I make a stronger password?
How to submit a DMCA complaint
SQL injection, insertion
What happens to someone abusing system resources?
mod_ssl 2.8.xx and PCI
Brute force attempt
Website Redirects when Clicked from Search Engines

Information about Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions about hosting
Transfer your site to us
File Transfer to account
Privacy Policy – Terms and Conditions
Money back guarantee
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Information about Domains

Frequently Asked Questions about domains

cPanel Video Tutorial

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cPanel Features

How to create Subdomain in cPanel
How to create POP3 Email account in cPanel
How to create FTP accounts in cPanel
How to Manage 301 Redirects In cPanel
An Introduction Into Using Fantastic Script Installer in cpanel
How to use cPanel Raw Access Logs
Creating Custom Error Pages In cPanel
How To Change Your cPanel Style Theme
How To Change Your Password In cPanel
How To Create a Backup Of Your cPanel Account
How To Create A MySQL Database In cPanel
How To Deny IPs In cPanel
How To Install Frontpage Extentions In cPanel
How To Park A Domain In cPanel
How To Password Protect Directories In cPanel
How To Setup An Auto-Responder In cPanel
How To Setup Cron Jobs In cPanel
How To Setup Email Forwarding In cPanel
How To Trace An Email In cPanel
How To Use Hotlink Protection In cPanel
How To Use Index Manager In cPanel
Using Add-On Domains In cPanel
Using File Manager In cPanel
Using Webmail In cPanel
How To Setup A Catch All Email Account
How To Use Web Disk In cPanel
Using phpMyAdmin In cPanel

How To Change Your Name Servers (DNS) – Video

Example # 1
How To Change Domain Name Server(DNS) On
How To Change Domain Name Server (DNS) On

How to upload files to the Server by FTP – Video

FTP – Filezilla – File Transfer Protocol – Upload Utility – How to Demo

CMS Installation and Help

Install CMS Datalife Engine to the hosting
How to install CMS WordPress to Web Hosting
How to install CMS Drupal to Web Hosting
How to install CMS Invision Power Board (IPB)
How to install CMS PHPBB to Hosting

Website Optimization

Optimizing WordPress
Optimizing Joomla
Optimizing Magento

Virtual Private Server (VPS/VDS)

How to install EXE files into Windows VPS?
What are the advantages of a VPS ?
What is the difference between a VPS and shared hosting?
What is guaranteed and burst memory (RAM) ?
Are VPS accounts backed up as part of your service?
How do you allocate resources?
How many IPs do I get?
Do you provide MySQL DBs?
Should I upgrade to a VPS if suspended on shared?
What is Virtuozzo? What is it used for? – VPS
Dedicated server versus a high level VPS
VPS General Information
Why should I use VPS instead of a shared or reseller package?
What is VPS and VPN – Virtual Private Server / Network
How many clients will be hosted on a single VPS server?
How to setup DNS with 1 IP?