How do I cancel my account?

We’re sorry to see you go. If there is anything we can do to keep you as a customer, please let us know.

If you are having difficulty using your account or if something is not working as expected, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you and work to resolve any issues you may have.

Adelina Hosting:

To cancel your hosting account, please fill out Contact Form

(Note: Cancelling web hosting does not automatically cancel your domain name.)

Domain Name Renewals:

If you no longer want to renew your domain, please email along with the name of the domain you no longer want to renew. To help expedite your request, please contact us via the email address associated with the domain name, or provide us the order number.

Account Addons & Other Services:

To cancel your account addon, please email along with your account information and the service you want to cancel.

 Please also note that cancelling your hosting package does not automatically cancel your recurring domain registrations. To cancel domain renewals, please email with your request.

When will my cancellation be effective?

Unless you tell us otherwise, your account will be cancelled on the next renewal date, and you will continue to have access to your account until that time. For example, if your next renewal date is in 2 weeks, and you tell us you want to cancel, then your account will stay open for those 2 weeks, then cancel on the renewal date. If you want the cancellation to be effective on any date other than the next renewal date, please let us know when we contact you to confirm your cancellation, so we can cancel the account according to your instructions.

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