How to change windows 2003 administrator password from RDP.

In order to connect to a windows VPS remotely , you need to use a software named “Remote Desktop Connection” which is bundled with all versions of windows.
under windows XP it is located under : All Programs –> Accessories –> Communications
under windows Vista it is located under : All Programs –> Accessories
after running this software you will see the following window , enter the IP or host name of your VPS into the computer filed and click on Connect.


after a few seconds a new windows will be opened and you will be asked for the username and password , enter the username and password which is provided by your windows VPS provider. usually the username is Administrator.
if you enter the login details successfully , the desktop of windows VPS will be shown to you.

After you are logged into VPS , follow the below instructions :

Press CTRL+ALT+END buttons simultaneously , the following menu will appear :


Click on Change Password :


Fill the fields and click on OK.

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